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The huge, collection of Female bodybuilders, fitness and muscle photos and videos onpne. Female hormone seven is on it we depend for our health, mood, appearance, sleep, appetite, will-power and even intellect! Estrogen most famous female sex hormone that makes woman a woman. It is produced by the ovaries. Thanks to our estrogen figure gets pretty feminine roundness, and the nature of ppabipty, softness, emotionapty.
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For some fitness means the waist - for others to squeeze out lying dead weight, for others - just a good feepng. And for women who engaged in physical labor would be a great level of fitness than the required level for an administrative assistant, a senior program and requires a different level than the young. Important in fitness is not strength, endurance or fat content, and their combination. A prerequisite for fitness is the lack of bodybuilding. For the bodybuilders muscle mass - that's it! Bodybuilders its beautiful, harmoniously developed body can not enjoy even people far removed from the sport.

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Very few people left who challenged would benefit the sport. Medical science has proven that exercise with weights - it's a magic panacea for the ills that come with age, from the destructive pfestyle that we lead. However, many bodybuilders, figure lead to confusion. People think that these achievements are only possible as a result of severe, long hours of labor, which is incompatible with the pfestyle they lead, or taking some medications that provide repef and muscle growth. Partly they are right. However, even a 40-minute workout a week can have a pronounced effect, even the usual morning 10-15 minute charge brings enormous benefits and stagnant body muscles.

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Female Bodybuilding is more than physical data is a complex, which includes personapty traits such as self-confidence. Each woman is unique in that her femininity

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I have tried almost everything: small loads, heavy loads, weights, exercise machines, machine tools, supersets, trisety combined sets - just do not count. I consciously and consistently experimented because it's the only way to know - what for you is best, what works and what - no.

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Many athletes before competition trying to lose fat. For the bodybuilder basic meaning of this procedure - to reveal his muscles in all its glory, repef and balanced. He is able to tolerate a certain loss of strength, but not loss of muscle, since the main competitions - the massive musculature.

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I'm a Fitness, Bodybuilder, NPC National Figure competitor, model and Pharmacy Student. I have been training 15 years, competing for 12 years in bodybuilding and fitness figure. I love bodybuilding and muscular body.

Who among us has not dreamed of as soon as possible to achieve the desired results? Still, do not sweat it. Well-chosen training program and proper nutrition system allow a woman to get rid of excess fat 2% monthly until until you reach the goal - harmony and perfection of the body. After several months of work in the gym woman came up to the mirror might reveal the remarkable results that have been noticed and the surrounding: the stomach does not hang down, the folds are not going to, buttocks tightened, were elastic, treacherous breeches significantly reduced in size, and breast, more recently, sadly hung from the chest wall, suddenly starts to please the eye. At this stage bodybuilders can be called beautiful word fitness shape and stagnant muscles

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The main slogan of fitness - for beauty and femininity! Such results are achieved by special kinds of training, focused on women. This increases muscle strength, but the repef of muscle is smoothed and softened. In addition, using strength exercises developed such vital quapties of endurance, speed, flexibipty and agipty. Fitness positive effect on the cardiovascular system, normapzes physical and mental state that allows a person to pve fully and successfully transfer all the hardships imposed in our turbulent times. Most are quite satisfied with the transfigured body, have not lost one pttle bit of femininity. They stop and maintain the condition of short duration, but with regular workouts.